Flowers during our ongoing drought

Though the California drought continues into it’s 5th year, we can still have beautiful gardens if we plant in harmony with the climate and water judiciously.  One of my latest favorites is Lantana.  The horticulturalists are rewarding us with fabulous new hybrids in striking colors on diminutive sized plants appropriate for small spaces.   Here […]

3rd Annual Long Beach Lawn-to-Garden Tour May 3rd

Come to Long Beach May 3rd and enjoy this free but valuable garden tour.  You can visit up to 29 residential gardens that have been transformed from thirsty turfgrass lawns into beautiful drought tolerant landscapes; gardens that live in harmony with our California climate.  The homeowners or their representatives will be at each garden to tell you about […]

California desert wildflowers

Just got back from a visit to the annual Ridgecrest Wildflower Festival in the High Desert of California.  Because winter (what winter, we might ask) was very warm and dry, the theory was that there would be very few wildflowers this year.  Well……..there was a storm during the first week in March with a few […]

A colorful succulent in my March garden

Aeonium kiwi is a fabulous little succulent in our garden this month.  The sunshine has brought out the bright red margins and yellow centers of this multi stemmed mass of rosettes. This group is spilling out of an old claw foot bathtub-now-planter on our back yard patio.  It’s also been poked around into pots here and there.  This […]

Welcome to the rain!

It’s been dry for 3 years in Southern California and this year, so far, has been the driest year on record.  So the storm that’s passing through at the moment and dropping water from the skies is quite welcome!  In SoCal, it seems to be all or nothing, however.  If only we could spread it […]

African Daisy performs best in full sun

What’s flowering today?

African Daisy is botanically known as Arctotis acaulis.  It’s a low evergreen perennial that can be used individually or massed as a ground cover in a sunny spot.  This plant is flowering here in Southern California in February.  The pops of white, lavender, magenta or pink flowers are cheerful additions to your garden.  Give it a […]

Brilliant Blossoms for your Winter Garden

For a big “pop” of color in your Southern California winter garden, try easy to grow Aloe from South Africa.  If you’re removing your thirsty turfgrass lawn and looking for plants that give a variety of color throughout the different seasons, this can be a terrific addition to your plant palette.  Green all year, then – WOW! in winter.

Aloe arborescens displays it's bright orange flowers in January

Come see me at the Landscape Industry Show

Please stop by next week at the Landscape Industry Show at the Los Angeles Convention Center.  I’ll be at the Association of Professional Landscape Designers’ (APLD) booth in the morning of Thursday, January 30th and would be delighted to say “Hi” and talk with you about your landscape plans.  See for more information about […]

Cheerful ground cover for a Winter Garden – one of my favorites

Here in Southern California we have the opportunity to have flowers in winter – lucky us!!!  Here’s a beautiful little ground cover with clover-like leaves and White, Lavender or Pink flowers – Oxalis ‘Grand Duchess’. This delightful little plant grows from tiny bulbs that you can poke into the ground in autumn.  In my coastal […]

Oxalis 'Grand Duchess' - a ground cover for sun or part shade

Wildlife habitat surrounding quiet seating area

Courtyard gardens increase your living space

One of the  hot new trends in Landscape Design is the development of Courtyard Gardens.           Courtyards  can be outdoor living spaces like this one in a private back yard surrounded by the beautiful scents of flowers & foliage.             Courtyards can also be designed for […]