Cheerful ground cover for a Winter Garden – one of my favorites

Here in Southern California we have the opportunity to have flowers in winter – lucky us!!!  Here’s a beautiful little ground cover with clover-like leaves and White, Lavender or Pink flowers – Oxalis ‘Grand Duchess’.

Oxalis 'Grand Duchess' - a ground cover for sun or part shade

Oxalis ‘Grand Duchess’ – a delightful annual ground cover

This delightful little plant grows from tiny bulbs that you can poke into the ground in autumn.  In my coastal garden, leaves start popping out of the ground in November  every year to form a mass of texture in a part-shade area of my garden.  Flowers  follow December through February.  The whole thing turns red in spring for another punch of color as they say “farewell” and the leaves die off.  They are easily pulled up and forgotten for the warm season.  Like clockwork, the whole process starts all over again the following winter.


Oxalis 'Iron Cross' - purple leaves and lavender flowers - Wow!

Oxalis ‘Iron Cross’ – a colorful ground cover for part shade


‘Iron Cross’ is another variety of Oxalis that has gorgeous, purple leaves with lavender flowers.  It seems to prefer a bit more shade than ‘Grand Duchess’ and doesn’t spread as prolifically.






Oxalis fits my description of easy to grow!  It rewards me over and over, year after year, with no effort on my part.  It gives my garden a lift during those winter months, when it really needs it!


Barbara Paul                  Landscape Design