Flowers during our ongoing drought

Though the California drought continues into it’s 5th year, we can still have beautiful gardens if we plant in harmony with the climate and water judiciously20160818_151925.  One of my latest favorites is Lantana.  The horticulturalists are rewarding us with fabulous new hybrids in striking colors on diminutive sized plants appropriate for small spaces.


Here is Lantana ‘Sunrise Gold’ which I’m currently testing out in my own garden.  Growers say it should reach 12-16″. That’s just about perfect in my patio garden along the side of a walkway.  So far, it hasn’t grown beyond 6″ tall and is spreading about 1′ in diameter.  It’s rewarded us with these charming multicolored flowers for several months.  I like it!




Here is a tiny Skipper Butterfly visiting the Lantana ‘New Gold’ this afternoon.  This hybrid is supposed to grow to one or 2 feet with a trailing habit.  I have it growing in 3 gallon pot in a tall pot stand.    Looking good!