Welcome to the rain!

Rain todayIt’s been dry for 3 years in Southern California and this year, so far, has been the driest year on record.  So the storm that’s passing through at the moment and dropping water from the skies is quite welcome!  In SoCal, it seems to be all or nothing, however.  If only we could spread it out over time, not get several inches during in a couple of days…………but still, no complaints from me!


Here’s a photo showing water in the “dry streambed” in our front yard.  This streambed is a low spot that collects rainwater during storms and allows it to infiltrate into the ground, rather than contributing to runoff down the street and into the ocean.  This “rain garden” is not only a functional, but an architectural feature in our small garden.


Spring bulbs have been sending up flowers for a couple of weeks now.  Today they look especially pretty dotted with raindrops.  The flowers you see here are Chasmanthe, Freesia and Spring Star Flower/Ipheion.  Also, the Nasturtium leaves are sprouting and will soon lend their orange flowers to the mix.  These bulbs have naturalized and return each year without any input from me.  The Nasturtiums set seed and return each year as well.


Today’s rain will certainly not end our serious period of drought……..but it’s a great tonic in the short term and may even add a bit to the local reservoirs.  My garden and I are enjoying its bounty!